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Matcha from Down Under

We’re a sunny little to-go window in Santa Monica, serving up some of the city’s tastiest, healthiest and most beautifying matcha lattes.  Bringing you the Aussie secret to glowing skin and strong silky locks, we are THE ORIGINAL COLLAGEN MATCHA™. Gently infused, fervently whisked, a taste of modern Japan with Australian zest.

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Our Collagen

Our collagen is marine collagen, sourced from

wild-caught Atlantic cod.   But don’t sweat it, it’s completely flavourless and odourless, giving you

a seamless beauty treatment in every matcha!

For our vegan customers, we also offer a

collagen-free option.


Koala Matcha wants your latte to be as green as possible… (hey, saw that eye roll!)  This is why we encourage all customers to bring their own reusable cup.  Green, glowing, and gorgeous, what could be better?  We also believe that marine collagen is a more sustainable and responsible variety of collagen than bovine collagen.


say what?


Every customer who brings their own cup receives an

extra shot of collagen 


Reusable cups need to be 12oz

(or preferably larger, so we can squeeze some ice in!) 

We also have sustainable cups for sale at the window, made from glass jars, and topped with a bamboo lid and straw.

Matcha-infused BLUE ROO 🦘 a refreshing

Keep Cups for sale

at the